A Guide for Hiring an OBM

You know the power of outsourcing and how much better business can be when you’re focused on profit building tasks. This blog is not going to waste your time rehashing those details. Instead, you’ll be getting a complete introduction to what an online business manager (OBM) can do for you

VACT purchases BeMyVA, UK VA Awards and UK VA Conference

After, more than 10 years of sponsoring and supporting the UK VA Conference, it is time for us to hand on the baton to a new organiser and event sponsor to take the progressive momentum and growth of the event and the awards to new levels. Multi-award winning VA Coach, Mentor and Trainer, Amanda Johnson and VACT takes charge of organising the event and awards from 1st October 2021, with our CEO John Palmer staying on as Chair of the Panel of Judges as the transition rolls out.

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